Nagarjuna's Value for Friendship

By - February 03, 2015 - 06:18 PM IST

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There is a talk that makes rounds about Akkineni Nagarjuna stating he is a highly practical and shrewd man with strong business acumen. So, this makes him rather unapproachable. However, there is another side to the same man which very close circles of his know. That is Nag’s emotional and sensitive side.

As uptight as he may seem, Nag also knows how to value friends and their friendship. One such person who moves closely in his circles is designer Shilpa Reddy. Now, Nag has done something for her. Shilpa became the celebrity guest in Nag’s show Meelo Evaru Koteeswarudu and she got to sit in the hot seat.

Buzz is that they are also business friends. The other reason for inviting Shilpa is she is Mrs India and has proved to be a lot of inspiration for married women in terms of health, beauty, fitness. Recently, she also showcased her collection in the fashion capital Paris.

That way, she is not only a successful lady but also a good person. So, Nag wanted to show her to the world. So far, Shilpa is known in the elite and page 3 circles but not to the general people. With this gesture from Nag, she would be known to them as well.