Celebration with 6000 Telugu Film Lovers

By - February 03, 2015 - 09:18 AM IST

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If you are born a Telugu person then there are two things that you can never be tired of and love it. One is food and the other is cinema. And in the last few decades, the love for cinema has grown a lot among the Telugu crowds not just in the two states but also across different parts of the globe.

Right now, a grand gala celebration is round the corner wherein 6000 Telugu film lovers would be seen together. We are talking about the GAMA (Gulf Andhra Music Awards) which is scheduled to take place on February 6 in Dubai. The tickets have been sold like hot cakes and here is the latest update.

It is heard that around 6k audience is going to come and be a part of this grand evening. Big names like Chitra, Mano, Suneetha, Raghu Kunche and all other Telugu singers along with a few film celebrities would enthrall the Dubai Telugu crowds. It is heard that songs which are most preferred by the Telugu people in Dubai would be sung and performed. This is going to be a fun filled evening.

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