Unseen side of Mahesh Babu

By - February 02, 2015 - 11:31 PM IST

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Super Star Mahesh Babu is one of the few actors who does charity work and maintains a very low profile about the unprofitable things they do. It’s a lesser known fact that 30% of Mahesh Babu’s earning will be donated to charity and he makes sure that the donations are sent on time.

This unseen soft corner side of Mahesh Babu got exposed yet again with our sources confirming that Super Star is going to adopt a village shortly. Mahesh Babu is going to adopt Burripalem village in Tenali, the native place of his father Krishna.

Mahesh Babu’s bava TDP MP Jaydev Galla is helping him out to go through the formal paper work needed for adopting Burripalem village. Hats off to Super Star Mahesh Babu for his noble thought process.

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