Brahmaji surprises with Monkey look

By - February 03, 2015 - 01:21 PM IST

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First looks are quite the buzz makers for any film. They set the right expectations and hype for any film or actor from that particular film. That is why filmmakers and actors take special care for their first looks.

Perhaps for the first time in the Telugu film industry, we got an opportunity to catch a glimpse of the first look of Brahmaji, the most talented supporting actor of TFI. This look surprised one and all as it was a monkey sitting on a wall giving a gaze. More than a look, it was a leak made my Brahmaji through his Twitter handle saying “My look for Pandaga Chesko”. Both his fans and onlookers were taken aback by this post.

Pranks and hoaxes are quite common in Twitter. So, is this post a funny comment on Ram’s Pandaga Chesko or is he making a comparison? Well, that’s for Brahmaji to answer!

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