Why Cancers for Film Celebrities?

By - February 04, 2015 - 06:36 PM IST

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This might sound a little strange for you but then an observation has led to a discussion among the filmnagar circles. This has to do with celebrities getting affected by cancer. Right from the legendary ANR to AVS to Dharmavarapu Subramaniam to Ahuti Prasad to Ganesh Patro, all have been victims of cancer.

The cine seniors say this happens due to the irregular food habits and outdoor stays during shooting with lack of proper rest and sleep. Added to that, the daily make-up exposes them to chemicals. Above all, it is also the habit of smoking and drinking. But here is a twist.

AVS never smoked or drank, the same is the case with Ahuti Prasad then why were they struck by cancer? While the speculations are on, here is a dose of reality. It is not just cinema but even those outside who are getting affected by cancer. But just because they are celebs the discussion happens.

In the last two decades, the presence of cancer has increased. While women are prone more to breast and ovarian cancer, for men it is the lung, liver and prostate cancer. There is no rule per se. Cancer can come to any part of the body at any age for any reason. The final point is, cell phone radiation is also being responsible though it is not confirmed yet.

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