Young Hero Brings Tears

By - February 04, 2015 - 07:05 PM IST

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You would agree with us when we say that humor is the easiest emotion to evoke from the audience whereas tears are the toughest. These days, coming up with heart wrenching performances are quite an ordeal for the actors because a lot of factors are involved in that.

But there is one young hero who is currently ensuring the audiences get their kerchiefs to the theatre. He is none other than Chaitanya Krishna and his performance in the recent release Ladies And Gentlemen is touching the hearts of many. Many are struck looking at his character which has innocence.

Despite being an amazing dancer, Chaitanya subdued his role and gave a perfect display of kindness and clean hearted young man. Among those who are crying, the majority comprises of girls and ladies. They are saying that they could not control their emotions during the last twenty minutes of the film especially the Chaitanya episode. Well done Chaitanya!

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