Sundeep Kishan Super Happy on 1 thing!

By - February 05, 2015 - 09:02 AM IST

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The subject of cinema business is something not many are aware of and as hunky dory as it may seem, it is extremely difficult to earn a single rupee at the box office. The pattern has become quite tough and many filmmakers are unable to figure out a way to get film collections.

The one way that many bank upon is the aura of the hero and the film. This is one reason why big star flicks get heavy openings. And now, one hero seems to be on the path of getting that aura. He is none other than Sundeep Kishan. The budding hero gave a tweet which goes like this -

‘Audience rock:) "@AndhraBoxOffice: #Beeruva Ceded done 45L NRA. Recovered 12 Days SHARE of 55 Lac approximately. Big thumbs down to Critic Reviews!"

Apparently, Beeruva didn’t get positive ratings from the critics but the audience has given their decision otherwise. It has once again proved that just because critics give good ratings movies don’t work. In Beeruva’s case, other factors such as the trailer, the title, the word of mouth publicity, some comedy and some thrill contributed but the lion’s share goes to Sundeep’s aura.

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