RGV's 'Money-2' starts in a Week

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You like some filmmakers, you respect some filmmakers, you hate some filmmakers and you love some filmmakers but if there is one filmmaker who makes you experience all these emotions together, he is Ram Gopal Varma. This eccentric genius has toyed with controversies and loves to be in spotlight for any reason possible.

At the same time, he has come up with movies that have created history in Indian cinema. In Tollywood, RGV made his own mark and one of his movies was Money which came many years ago. Now, there is news that he is starting another film next week and this is tentatively titled as Money-2.

However, it is not a sequel to the original but the film revolves around money. Even the title may not be the same because the 2 sentiment has never really worked in Tollywood. Inside news is that the theme revolves around money and appropriate titles such as Dabbante Prema, Dabbevariki Chedu, Dabbu Dabbu would be used. The shooting will happen in brisk pace in typical Ramu style.

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