Neelakanta's Funny Words About Changed Times

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Time runs like a wild horse and it has no limits or restrictions. Thanks to this pace, even our surroundings are changing so rapidly that even we find it hard to recognize sometimes. The same is the case with the entertainment industry and this was explained beautifully by a well known director.

He is none other than the national award winner Neelakanta and recently he got to share his thoughts in a friendly chat. He reportedly said “25 years back, the business of cinema was easy as a pie. All one had to do was give an interview in Jyothichitra, Sitara along with some paper ads and then relax at home.”

He added “The cinema used to run by itself and if it got even average talk 50 days to 100 days was compulsory. Today, more than shooting, it is the stress related after release which is quite high. We have to keep running around websites, TV channels for interviews and promotions and still we don’t know if the film will work or not. That’s the hard fact.” What are your thoughts on Neelakanta’s perspective.

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