Dhanush's Cast Away Kind of Film

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If you follow the filmography of the Hollywood actor Tom Hanks you would notice that he has always come up with something unique and different in each of his film. That way, he has come up with many classics and one among them is Cast Away where he lands up in an isolated island due to a plane crash.
Now, that film seems to have become the inspiration for a Tamil filmmaker. His name is Prabhu Solomon and news is that he would be coming up with a new movie which will have traces of Cast Away and Life Of Pi. As expected, this rustic role would be essayed by none other than Dhanush.

Akin to Tom Hanks, Dhanush has been experimenting with his roles for a long time and his versatility has been increasing. Buzz is that the story revolves around a man who is stuck in an island and being chased by a wild animal. This sure is an appealing concept. Here’s wishing Prabhu and Dhanush the best of success.

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