Censor Cuts in Puri's Temper

By - February 11, 2015 - 07:26 PM IST

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We know Puri Jagannadh’s dialogues are a mixture of point, philosophy and polysemy.

He is the one who gave Telugu heroes a different attitude, body language and dialogue delivery. And that is why many heroes are a fan of Puri. But now and then, his dialogues have fallen in the scanner of censor board. And now after watching Temper movie, the censor board has suggested about 18 cuts.

As per inside sources, words like Bongu, Thokka, Uchcha poyista etc were muted. A dialogue on Mahatma Gandhi was also asked to be removed – “Desam lo jarige prathee avineethiki modata sakshi Gandhi ye!”

And yet another dialogue the censor board found objectionable was – “Nunchune play cheymantara, kurchuni play cheymantara…? Meeru ela comfort ga feel ithe ala cheyinchukondi… kurchuni start chestanante madya madyalo lechipothanu…meeku comforte kada?”

Temper movie has finally been issued U/A certificate yesterday and the movie is releasing on Feb 13. So, you are going to hear lot of beeps and muted dialogues in the movie. If you are smart enough, you can fill them for yourself or else, let’s wait for Temper ‘Director’s cut’ version.

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