Director Matters, Not Character

By - February 12, 2015 - 06:57 PM IST

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When you want to go and watch a film there are two factors that should appeal to you. Firstly, it is the characterization of the hero and secondly it is the director. But if a noted hero is doing a character which has come before then the interest element comes down and doubts tend to rise high.

This has been the discussion happening among cine circles after knowing about the film S/O Satyamurthy starring stylish star Allu Arjun. Apparently, Bunny is doing the role of a wedding planner. The talk is, this is not the first time a hero is doing this type of role.

In the past, the southern stud Siddharth has done it in Jabardasth and the natural talent Nani has done it in Ahaa Kalyanam. But both the movies flunked big time at the box office. So, they are not sure if Bunny’s role will connect with audience. But this perspective is being slammed by few rationalists. They are saying “It is not the character, it is the characterization and the director who is doing it that matters. Since this one has Trivikram Srinivas, there is no doubt that he will come up with something very intriguing. So, we don’t have to think twice.” That’s the confidence on this intellectual genius.

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