New Tensions For 2 Big Films

By - February 14, 2015 - 08:11 AM IST

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You might consider making a big budget movie as a matter of prestige and pride but if you ask those who have already done that, you would know their travails. In the last few years, many restrictions and conditions have sprung up and one department which is extremely painful is the usage of animals and birds.

It is imperative they get clearance from Animal Welfare Board Of India. Due to this, two big films are now facing tensions in Tollywood. They are the duo of Rudramadevi, Baahubali. Given the fact that they are historic flicks, without using horses and elephants it is not possible. Trying to replace animals with graphics is too tough and highly expensive.

The makers have to do in Hollywood style but the budget will touch the sky. Given this situation that both the biggies are facing, few Tollywood filmmakers who want to do a film like this with big heroes are wondering how are they to deal with these requirements.

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