Heroine's Remedy For Sexual Desires

By - February 17, 2015 - 10:15 AM IST

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Though you may not express or speak about it much in open, the desire and drive for sex is always there irrespective of age or gender. But this stimulation becomes more for the men when they see the pictures of beautiful heroines. However, there is one heroine who has given a tip for controlling all such sexual desires and feelings.

She is none other than the sparkling eyed beauty from Bollywood Parineethi Chopra. Recently, this sexy smiling siren was sharing her thoughts when she reportedly said that in order to control sexual desires, one must practice meditation and Yoga. If it goes out of control then they must simply have a cold water bath.

Those who heard this are saying “What is new in that? We have been seeing that remedy from the time of Anthuleni Kadha.” As if that is not enough, few others are quipping Parineethi must have mentioned that in female perspective and it is not sure how much it will apply to men. Only Parineethi can clarify on that.

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