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“Veedu chala hot guru!“

Posted: 02 August 2013-01:11 AM

Jai (Prabhas) is a fun loving youngster who works as an architect in Italy. One day he saves a girl Manasa (Richa Gangopadhyay) from some goons and later falls flat for her.Manasa tells him about her parents and say that she is not happy. To convince her parents, Jai lands in India. After much struggle, he manages to impress them and then his past related to Vennela (Anushka) who is his Mardalu is revealed. Both the families are rivals in faction. What happens next forms the actual story.

Prabhas looks cool in foreign land. His dialogue delivery is contrived as a posh guy. Back in India, he looks convincingly good. He displayed right emotions in the action sequences and his dialogue delivery in emotional scenes have also improved. Koratala Siva had shown him exactly in the way fans wanted to see him. He had put good efforts in dances too. Anushka looked cute on screen and the chemistry between Anushka and Prabhas worked out very well. Richa Gangopadhyay looked completely out of shape. She did not suit Prabhas in any ways. She had a little role in the movie and her performance is just okay. Brahmanandham as Veera Pratap is not fully utilized. Sampath had got a crucial role and his performance is good as Protagonist. Satyaraj, Nagineedu, Raghu Babu, Kasi Viswanath are good in the roles they are offered. Rest of them are okay.

Mirchi is the debut directorial venture of Koratala Siva. He seem to have a script which is an amalgamation of several movies in Telugu like Athidhi, Bhadra and Krishna. He is successful as writer as always and had written some very good dialogues for Prabhas But the director in him failed to make a mark. The execution part of the movie is bad. He had unnecessarily embedded too much of action part in the movie which foiled the flow of the part. If rightly dealt, the movie would have been a good family entertainer.

Devi Sri Prasad's songs are chart busters. They are shot well too. The re-recording is a total letdown. I can call it worst in DSP's career.

Madhie's cinematography is just okay and the grading is excellent. Kotagiri's Editing could have been a lot better.

The first half of the movie started promisingly but progresses with out any excitement The interval bang is predictive again. The entertainment part is good but not great. The second half of the movie goes wayward with too many of unnecessary action sequences disrupting the flow of the movie. The pace of the movie slowed down gradually as the movie approaches climax. The climax fight is dragged too. Finally, Mirchi is a good script let down by bad execution. It may work out commercially due to the no competition period and mass elements!

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