When Hero Is Producer's Friend

By - April 14, 2015 - 06:47 PM IST

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If you are a producer, a fair amount of challenge lies in ensuring you provide everything your film’s hero demands. And usually, the requirements of a hero are stiff enough. But the scenario is completely different if the hero is actually a friend of the producer.

When the hero is producer’s friend, many things would be amicable and most importantly, it is the budget which comes under lot of control. The heroes will be flexible and lot of things happen with interest and involvement. It worked for the vibrant hero Nikhil for his recent movies.

Flicks like Swamy Ra Ra, Surya vs Surya, Kaarthikeya fetched good results at the box office and also in terms of impact due to Nikhil’s initiative. Similarly, young rebel star Prabhas is now doing his next through his best friends banner, UV Creations. This would mean even this project would be cost effective and more impact creating.  

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