Who is There To Make Big Films?

By - February 17, 2015 - 10:43 AM IST

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There are those among you who would have an eye on the business of cinema especially Tollywood and you would have noticed that the big budget flicks have always ruled the roost in terms of film economy. But now, a new threat seems to be looming over filmnagar circuit with a new trend that is emerging.

This has to do with the big budget producers getting into small and medium budget flicks. Recently, the likes of UV Creations and Allu Aravind have started off with new projects in small budgets and now the blockbuster producer Bandla Ganesh has reportedly begun concentrating on low budget movies.

If this is the case then what would happen to the big budget stars and movies? Who would make them? The other big producer Daggubati Suresh has long given up on big budget flicks and he has been tying up with other producers for making movies. Perhaps a positive result of films like Baahubali, Rudramadevi will bring some change. 

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