Why Only Telugu Hashtag For Baahubali?

By - February 18, 2015 - 11:17 AM IST

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A hashtag is the most common feature you would find in social media and this becomes the means to create a new trend on the web and thereby a lot of attention and readability for the netizens. Now, the magnum opus Baahubali has got a link with the hashtag and it seems to be a significant one. The hashtag goes ‘#bahubali vastunnadu’.

Well, it is being touted that Baahubali is the first hashtag in Telugu. Not sure how true it is but it is gaining the credit of being the first. Even the film’s director, the tough taskmaster S S Rajamouli has also endorsed it. This would mean that the movie would get a lot of trending quotient as time passes buy.

Meanwhile, another suggestion is being passed to Rajamouli. Some are saying anyhow the film is going to be dubbed in Hindi and Tamil so even those hashtags can also be added and they can be announced as the first in the respective languages. Well, it is not a bad thought per se. What say Rajamouli??

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