Top Comedian's Sensitive Heart

By - February 18, 2015 - 12:28 PM IST

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When you look at an actor onscreen or in public events, there is a virtual guard that they put on and you cannot really read through their eyes or expressions. Well, that’s professionalism in one way but there are those times when the same celebrities reveal their true side which does touch the hearts of many.

Right now, the topic is about one top comedian who seems to have a very sensitive heart. He is none other than Vennela Kishore and he came up with a tweet which caught the attention of many.

The line goes like this ‘”Alludugaru" on #geminimovies..One of my all-time favorites.. i skip the climax everytime i watch it .. Heart-Breaking’.

This is one of the biggest blockbusters in collection king Mohan Babu’s career and true to Kishore’s emotions, the ending is rather heartbreaking. Those who read the tweet are empathizing with the sensitive nature of Vennela Kishore but maintain that it is men like him who really give that human touch to an industry which is known for ego maniacs and materialistic, selfish people.

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