Bitter Experience for Dr D Rama Naidu!

By - February 19, 2015 - 06:43 PM IST

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Movie Moghul Dr D Rama Naidu is not any other shrewd businessman who just got lucky with his money. He was a passionate filmmaker from the school of hard knocks. He was a constant learner and he too had his chips in dealing with people in this glitzy world.

Long back, veteran actor Kaikala Satyanaraya has apparently publicly committed Rama Naidu to produce a film starring him as the hero and this happened without the prior consent of Rama Naidu. In another instance, to easy up things between actor Nagesh and one of his directors, Ramanaidu assured to produce a film introducing Nagesh as a director. The latter took the issue seriously and narrated a story line to Rama Naidu the very next day.

Rama Naidu who was caught in a catch 22 situation, produced a film titled Moratodu in 1977 with Kaikala Satyanarayana as the hero and CK Nagesh as the director. Unfortunately, the film bombed at the box-office.  

This is one of the bitter yet learning experiences for Rama Naidu. The maverick producer admitted in one of his interviews that he never saw a failure like that before and he learnt one thing out of that film – that one should not make films out of obligation or diffidence!

Rama Naidu had to pay a big price for a small word and he has never ever repeated the mistake. Now, this is what made him the real winner and a true icon. Hail Rama Naidu!

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