Venkatesh's Spiritual Quotient

By - February 19, 2015 - 10:23 AM IST

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All of you know Victory Venkatesh as an actor who has gone through different transitions in his career. He started off as a youth actor and then shifted to action and then to commercial masala. But in the last decade, he has been focusing a lot on family movies and earned a lot of reputation in that segment.

But not many know about Venky as a person and one side of him was revealed yesterday. The sad demise of his father Ramanaidu has moved and broken the hearts of many. But Venky was not revealing any such pain. He was looking very balanced and he gave a very balanced statement to media.

Those who noticed him were amazed at his composure and said Venky showed a lot of control. Those who are close to him reveal this is due to his spiritual quotient. From a long time, Venky is into meditation, reading of Ramana Maharshi, Vivekananda philosophy and focusing on spirituality. Gaining wisdom is one thing but implementing it is great. With yesterday’s happening, many were convinced he was quite strong and spiritual.

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