Sankarabharanam 35 Years Event

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If you were to point out some of the best masterpiece classics of Telugu cinema then it is inevitable that you would take the name of the film Sankarabharanam in that list. Directed by Kala Tapasvi K Viswanath, the film has J V Somayajulu in the lead along with Manju Bhargavi and others.

So, you must be wondering why we are talking about it now. Well, a special milestone has been achieved by it. Sankarabharanam released way back in 1979 and an event is being planned on its completion of 35 years. The man behind this thought is Jitmohan Mitra. In case you are wondering who he is, in the film he holds a guitar and competes with Somayajulu in one scene.

Incidentally, whenever any shooting happens in and around Rajahmundry, he is consulted. The likes of Jandhyala, K Vishwanath and EVV Satyanarayana and even Allari Naresh take his word. Now, Mitra wants to do a state level event in Rajahmundry and he chose that place because the movie was shot completely in Rajahmundry and around 30 kms radius. This is going to be a nostalgic yet valuably memorable occasion.

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