Samantha unhappy with producers

By - February 19, 2015 - 10:03 AM IST

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One of the leading damsels in Tollywood, Samantha is all unhappy with some producers and misconceptions as well.

There is a preconception that heroines mint crores even for some petty special appearances and item numbers while some gulp advances and turn a roughhouse for producers. Responding on these, Samantha disclosed that there are producers who evaded her remunerations.

While some paid just advances and evaded the rest of the remuneration amount once the movie is released. Samantha said she has gone through much of this and just kept doing films out of passion and good will.

Well, the industry has always been judgmental about heroines and has mostly taken them for granted. But there is another side to every story and this is Samantha’s story!

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