Ramanaidu Statue In 3 Studios

By - February 20, 2015 - 09:42 AM IST

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Perhaps the greatest tribute for any individual who is no longer in our midst would be erecting his statue. This privilege is only for those who have brought a massive transformation in the lives of many common people. Now, one more name is expected to join that list. It is none other than movie mogul Ramanaidu.

Reports say that if all goes well, statues of this great film personality would be coming up in the Ramanaidu studios at Filmnagar, Nanakramguda and Vizag. This is the thought being expressed by the workers and staff members of the three studios. It was the cremation of Ramanaidu today which took place at the Ramanaidu studios.

All of them were seen crying and now they are saying that they want to see it as soon as possible. It is a well deserving request because Ramanaidu has established an empire providing employment to thousands. The staff is saying “He has built studios and other offices, because of his efforts we are living today happily with our families. Having his statue in our midst would be nothing less than a temple for us.”

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