Middle East Video Mistaken To Be Heroine's Nude

By - February 21, 2015 - 10:12 AM IST

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The thought of watching a nude video is always exciting and for some of them if it is a heroine’s nude video then the excitement gets tripled. But most of the times, it turns out that the video turns out to be a fake. However, it does have its collateral damage on the heroines and their peace of mind.

The latest victim to such an act is the apple pie beauty Hansika. From the last 3-4 days, a nude video has been making rounds claiming it belongs to Hansika. While the speculation still continues, here is the truth. It happens to be a video from the Middle East and that too a voyeuristic one captured by a pervert.

The video has been put up with the heroine’s name and Hansika fell into the soup. Almost a decade ago, a very similar incident happened with the petite beauty Trisha which disturbed her lot. This is the most extreme thoughts of perversion and it is a shame to see certain individuals doing such cheap acts.

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