Bham Bolenath Movie Review and Ratings

By - February 27, 2015 - 09:44 PM IST

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Cast: Navdeep, Naveen Chandra, Pooja Zaveri, Pankaj Kesari, Posani Krishna Murali, Pradeep Machiraju, Kireeti Damaraju, Praveen, Naveen Neni, Thagubothu Ramesh, Dhanraj, Pruthvi, Fish Venkat etc
Banner: R.C.C Entertainments
Editor: Praveen Pudi
Cinematography: Dharani
Music: Sekhar Chandra
Dialogues: Saran Koppisetty & Karthik Varma Dandu 
Story, Screenplay & Direction: 
Karthik Varma Dandu

Average User Rating: 2.75/5

Tagline: Crime Less Comedy Miss!


This film is based on three sub plots where each of it has direct link to another. But there is a key point which binds them. Vivek (Navdeep) is a youngster who is in search of a job. He fails to bribe every organization he seeks to work for and thereby remains unemployed. In order to take his love story till marriage, he needs a job. There is another guy named Krishna (Naveen Chandra) who plans to go to Dubai and turn to a don and he needs Rs. 30 Lakhs for the task. Therefore, he thinks of stealing an expensive diamond and leave for Dubai with the money from it. He gets stuck in serious trouble during such attempt. The third story is about Rakhi (Pradeep). He and his friend Roshan (Kireeti) are addicted to drugs. They attend a rave party along with their respective girl friends. This group lands into trouble there. These three lives are in hands of Vasool Raja (Pankaj Kesari). What is the exact problem which is troubling all these lead characters? How is it related to Vasool Raja? How will the lead characters’ lives change because of a small mistake? – sums up the rest of the plot.


The film is filled with many actors but none of their characters are actually elevated throughout the film.
Navdeep: He is quite impressive and did a good job as the lover who is determined to get a job and be successful.

Naveen Chandra: He couldn’t make his presence feel at all and he imitated Ravi Teja in terms of mannerisms which didn’t work at all.

Pradeep:  He is very good in his role and this young actor would sure get more acting chances from now.

Others: Praveen manages to generate some laughter. Pankaj Kesari’s acting is quite artificial and his dialogues are totally out of sync. Heriones have very little to do in the film. Posani and Venkat’s comedy sequence is good.


Crime comedy is a novel genre for Telugu Cinema which is gaining popularity since recent times. With the success of Swamy Raa Raa, many directors are showing interest in it and producers are also coming forward. Bham Bolenath is one such film. In fact, there is no peculiar storyline for this flick and for Crime comedy genre films, it is quite sufficient. Such film can be presented with few fun sequences and unexpected twists.  This was the only confidence which the director and producer had which made them opt for going forward. However, the line and twist should be engaging enough for the audience to cherish. This was where the director failed badly. The film doesn’t have the needed pace and there are no racy sequences. As the story itself is wafer thin, there was scope for dragging of each sequence. There was needless comedy, and unnecessary song sequences. The director did not make an attempt to present a racy narration.  The film doesn’t get its actual kick start until interval and second half goes out of place. However, the link which binds the three sub plots is impressive. However, the film fails completely in the second half and climax becomes a test for patience to the audience. The film can be watched only for few sporadic comedy bits and few thrilling elements.

Technical Aspects:

Sai Karthik’s background score is much better than the actual songs. He was quite successful in giving a good score needed for a crime comedy film. Kartik Varma handled multiple departments like Story, Screenplay, Dialogues and Direction. Though the story was good, there were ample faults in the screenplay. The second half is totally confusing and Kartik’s lack of experience can be clearly seen. Dialogues make an effect at times with few punch lines but not all are worth remembering. Dharani’s photography is decent and despite being a small budget film it looked impressive. Editing is quite haphazard in the second half and many sequences could have been easily trimmed.


There should be a strong point for any film and most importantly the producer should benefit from it. But Bham Bolenath neither gives an edge for the film’s cast and crew members who worked hard for the film. The audience need money for ticket as well as lot of patience levels to watch this flick. It can be watched only if these points are kept in mind. 

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