Geetha Madhuri Becomes Emotional

By - February 27, 2015 - 09:00 PM IST

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You may be fan of a heroine for her beauty and glamour but usually you become the fan to a singer owing to her voice. However, there is one girl in Tollywood who has enthralled the Telugu men not just with her voice but also with her sweet looks. She is none other than Geeta Madhuri.

Since a while, Geeta has also become quite active on social media and her following has increased exponentially.  At the same time, she has also been quite open about her feelings in few situations. Something like that was witnessed recently.

It is known that actor Nandu is Geeta’s husband and his name came in the recent drug scandal that shook Tollywood. While Nandu took to the media and cleared his stand, the police also reiterated the same point. All this was put it in a very emotional way by Geeta on her Twitter handle implying how unnecessary he got dragged into it. The only thing is that Nandu acted in the film Superstar Kidnap directed by Sushant Reddy who was arrested by the cops and just that acting stint created all the mess. Well, all is well that ends well.

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