Bandla Ganesh Safer Than Many Producers

By - March 03, 2015 - 08:00 PM IST

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No matter how talented you are and whatever the range of business acumen you possess, remember that if you want to become a film producer then it is an extremely tough line to choose. It is only those who are deep rooted in the industry from many decades who are able to sustain.
One man who has been part of the Tollywood big league producers is blockbuster man Bandla Ganesh. From a long time, different interesting stories have been circulating about him such as he is a Benami to a big politician and what not. However, recently Bandla Ganesh came up with an open statement.

He reportedly mentioned that if he is using Benami funds then how come his banner owes 50 lakhs to financiers. Well, point is noted but after hearing about the figure, many say Bandla Ganesh is much safer than many producers. If it is just 50 lakhs outstanding then it is great because such a figure is nothing when compared to the loans of cine people. It is a great achievement from Bandla Ganesh to keep it to such a low level. All he would need now is one more hit like Temper and that would settle it.

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