Dubbing Eyes On Film Based On True Incidents

By - March 03, 2015 - 07:30 PM IST

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You may have noticed strongly that the concept of entertainment has been taking a new transition and is inching more towards reality based stuff. Be it the TV programs or the movie storylines, most of them are now coming based on true incidents. This has also become the requirement for many Telugu producers.

Usually, it is the Kollywood circuit which specializes in coming up with real life incident based stories. The latest in that list is the new movie Mahabalipuram and it is based on true incidents. Since it is a small budget movie, the Telugu producers are eager to buy the dubbing rights based on the response.

Even if it has got some content they want to grab it and release it in Telugu. In the past, we have seen how films like Journey, Shopping Mall, Pizza & Rangam came in dubbed formats and became big hits bringing in some decent money for the Telugu producers. This trend is now picking up more in filmnagar.

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