Mohan Babu in a fresh Controversy!

By - March 04, 2015 - 05:58 PM IST

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Today Manchu Manoj got engaged to his fiancee Pranitha Reddy and actor Mohan Babu was the happiest father around.
He was seen receiving guests of the engagement ceremony with warmth right from the morning. But towards the tip of the event, he indulged in a spat with a news channel reporter which unexpectedly pushed his name into the headlines.
Going into the details, a television news channel was questioning Susheel Kumar Shinde about the Nirbhaya Rapist Interview controversy. Susheel Kumar Shinde was answering reluctantly and at a point looked troubled. Meanwhile, Mohan Babu intervened, slated the mic and in turn questioned the reporter for bringing up irrelevant topics with his guest.
On the flipside, the national media is actually protesting claiming that Mohan Babu has reportedly “assaulted” their reporter!

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