Tender Beauty's Tough Scenes

By - March 06, 2015 - 07:30 PM IST

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The most common feature you would find when you watch a fight or action episode on silver screen, it involves the hero with the baddies. But the concept of actresses getting into a brawl with goons or doing some adventurous stunts is rather rare in Indian cinema. And it gets even rare in Tollywood.

But there is one tender beauty who has braved all those obstacles and showed a completely different angle in her. She is none other than Archana Sastry and this milk skinned beauty is one of those authentic Telugu beauties who has been sustaining in the industry since quite a few years.

Soon, Archana would be seen in the movie Panchami wherein she has done some tough action scenes. Apparently, the fight master asked her “You are so slender and tender, can you do all these?”. For this, Archana reportedly said “No no, I am very tough I can do it.” True to her word, she was swinging with ropes in a long schedule at forest. And due to multiple cameras, single take shots were not there so she had to repeat the act. Despite all that, Archana did all tough scenes at the cost of few injuries and gashes but fortunately she didn’t get injured badly. Her role is that of a photographer in the film so let us wish Panchami changes Archana’s fortunes.