Nikhil to Take a Break?

By - March 06, 2015 - 03:33 PM IST

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Actor Nikhil is quite happy with the things going on in his life. His much anticipated Surya vs Surya finally released and opened to mixed reviews.
While speculations about his new movie are already on, Nikhil surprised one and all with his future plans. Talking about his next steps in an interview, Nikhil disclosed that he is actually planning to take a break now from his regular shooting schedule.

The interesting part is that he is going back to school. Yes it’s true! Nikhil has got enrolled in a two month acting course in a New York based film school to enhance his acting skills. It is an appreciable move from Nikhil because usually everyone comes to movies after finishing their acting courses (Of course, we have many born actors here). 

Actually he is utilizing his shoot break in a productive manner which helps his career in a long run. We hope his acting course gives a new strength and vigor to his acting.

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