Will Pawan Kalyan Set This Record?

By - March 06, 2015 - 10:21 AM IST

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You have watched him like a superstar onscreen but you are now watching him as the people’s man because he has entered politics. He is none other than power star Pawan Kalyan and the big question popping in the minds of many is, can Pawan set the record of becoming the most influential politician from film industry after the great N T Rama Rao.

In both the Telugu states it is only NTR who had that mettle. He had mass following and strong awareness on issues faced by society. Megastar Chiranjeevi had mass image but he didn’t have the ability to fight for causes at a ground level. Also, awareness is much needed since media exposure is high these days.

A capable politician’s subject should be strong. In those days, these many parties were not there but today to overcome the competition, good oratory skills with wit and lighter vein is mandatory. Currently, Pawan is going to grassroot and sensitizing people. If this continues, out of experience he will get more awareness. Many cine people say by 2019, Pawan will be fully equipped and state that if his awareness increases as being anticipated then he will be unstoppable.

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