Hollywood Aparichitudu in discussion

By - March 06, 2015 - 09:25 PM IST

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We talk about many things that originated first in India but got popular later. Usually this is regarding the scientific research stuff! And we also debate, discuss and often accuse that many of our films are copies of Western films. But the upcoming Hollywood ‘Aparichitudu’ has something else to prove.

Wondering if this ‘Hollywood Aparichithudu’ is about Shankar’s Anniyan (Aparichitudu in Telugu) going Hollywood? Well it’s just not about that. Going into the details, Oscar nominated actor Leonardo DiCaprio is playing the real life character named ‘Billy Milligan’ (a person who suffered multiple personality disorder) in his upcoming film The Crowded Room . Billy reportedly had 24 different personalities and he used his disorder to defend the various crimes he committed in his life time. Billy died on the 12th of Dec, 2014 while undertaking treatment in Athens.

Now, doesn’t this remind you of Shankar and Vikram’s Aparichitudu story? Well, a book was written, a documentary was also made upon Billy’s life and now New Regency, the studio that produced Gone Girl and Bird Man is making The Crowded Room with DiCaprio. Hope and wish the film doesn’t have any references with Aparichitudu and no wonder if you find any! [Because Quentin Tarantino himself admitted that his Kill Bill was inspired from Kamal Haasan’s Abhay]. So anything can happen! Meanwhile, we can take pride that we too are making coming-of-age movies!

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