Exciting Encouragement For New Directors

By - March 07, 2015 - 05:22 PM IST

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When you are in the stage of an aspiring director? Getting into the big league of filmmaking looks like a Herculean task. It is quite natural that big stars prefer to work with experienced and star directors than new faces. But what happened recently has turned out to be an exciting encouragement for new directors.

It is known news that the film Run Raja Run starring the class actor Sharwanand scored a big hit due to its content. For that goes to the director Sujeeth for his deft handling of the script and engaging screenplay. As a result, he has now ended up bagging a jackpot.

Well, young rebel star Prabhas gave an opportunity for Sujeeth to direct him. This is definitely a great boost for new directors who have some amazing ideas but suffer due to lack of that one chance. It also goes to show that one movie is enough to decide the fate and get into the big league.