Confidence Of 'Rudramadevi' And 'Baahubali' Makers

By - March 07, 2015 - 09:00 PM IST

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Every now and then, you may have come across many articles and information that reveals how tough the business of cinema has become. Despite having right content and star value, it has become very tough for getting audience to the theatres. This is the reason why even a small budget movie made at Rs 2 crores fails to recover the costs.

Given a situation like that, how would the two big movies Rudramadevi, Baahubali made at more than 100 crores make their money? Well, the makers are unfazed by that and they are confident the films will run very well. For starters, there is no fear of piracy because people will come to theatre by default for the sound and visual experience.

Secondly, since both are historical and massive budget flicks, family audience will come in huge numbers and they need not be compared with routine mass masala entertainers. The family audience will show interest to watch in theatre due to the grandeur and visual splendor. These factors are giving the confidence to the makers and they are positive that the openings will be high. Content wise, both are powerful and the emotional quotient is high. Though Rudramadevi trailer got mixed response and Baahubali scenes leaked the end result is going to be as per their expectations, say the makers.

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