Role Model Villain In Tollywood

By - March 12, 2015 - 09:00 PM IST

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Our emotional connection with cinema is so strong that sometimes we tend to perceive the onscreen characters as them being the same in real life. Due credit goes to the talent of the actors and actresses who can create that impact in us. This is the reason why when we see a villain onscreen, we tend to look at him in a negative shade outside as well.

However, there is one villain in Tollywood who has become a role model to many in real life. He is none other than Prime Star Jagapathi Babu. Apparently, Jaggu showed his big heart when his daughter Meghana introduced him to a foreigner as the man she wants to marry.

The handsome villain has not only accepted the proposal but has also performed the marriage grandly. At a time when many are looking for opportunities to exploit in the name of caste and religious sentiments, what Jagapathi Babu has done is truly commendable. He has set an example for others and it is worth taking a leaf out of his book to implement in our life.

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