Two Ice Cream Girls Rocking Stage

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You do not need an introduction or explanation about an ice cream but in the entertainment industry parlance, the word ice cream refers to the two movies made by the eccentric genius Ram Gopal Varma. This is the reason why the leading ladies of both the movies are now being referred as ice cream girls by the cine circles.

They are the duo of Tejaswi Madivada and Naveena. It is heard that both hot girls are getting a lot of stage show offers. In fact, Naveena sizzled in GAMA (Gulf Andhra Music Awards) which was held at Dubai recently. Even Tejaswi is also getting offers and she is being considered strongly for SIIMA event this year.

Though their number of movies is brief, the Ice Cream series created enough impact that both of them got registered into the minds of many. At the same time, both Tejaswi and Naveena are blessed with immense native sex appeal that makes them a visual delight if they perform onstage. This sure is a jackpot offer for them given the money involved for such events.

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