Dr.Saleem Movie Review and Ratings

By - March 13, 2015 - 08:52 PM IST

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Cast: Vijay Anthony, Aksha Pardasany
Banner: S.K.Pictures
Music: Vijay Anthony
Producer: Suresh Kondeti
Nirmal Kumar

Average User Rating: 2.75/5

Tagline: Content Based Flick!


Dr.Saleem (Vijay Anthony) is a loner and works at a private hospital. He has extreme love for other people, creatures and living things. While the hospital worried about the business values, he is more concerned about humanity. His marriage gets fixed with Nisha (Aksha Pardhasani). Nisha doesn’t like the calm nature, ideologies  and other attributes which Saleem has. Suddenly, Saleem kidnaps home minister’s son and his friends and trap them in a hotel room. How could a soft natured Saleem do such a drastic act? What is the exact story behind this?- forms the rest of the plot.


Vijay: This actor perfectly knows which sort of roles suits him best. His previous release Nakili and this feature him in confident body language which is in perfect sync with his persona. He did a commendable job by keeping a good tab on expressions as well as body language.

Aksha: The entire film revolves around Vijay’s character.As a result, her role is somewhat sidelined.

There was little scope for other actors to perform as it is totally the hero’s show altogether.


This film fuses social awareness issues, the rich- poor gap with a feel good love story. The first half entirely focuses on the characterization of Saleem. The audience would feel how a film can progress at such a relaxed pace at this juncture. The director uses a slow pace in order to build up tension for the second half. However, the director could have increased the pace of first half by a little bit. He tried to portray the lead character with subtlety and softness but it gets monotonous at one point of time. Once the film enters second half, the pace is gathered and an instant gripping scenario arrives. The viewer gets to the edge of the seat wondering what would happen next. Interestingly, there are no boring moments in the second half. The film goes to the maximum peak in the climax. However, the success of this film depends on how far the audience can bear the first half’s slowed pace. To make things difficult, the film features entirely new faces. But a racy second half and for people who love to watch suspense films it would be a treat.

Technical Aspects:

The biggest strength for the film is screenplay. The storytelling is quite novel. Vijay Anthony’s music didn’t strike a chord with songs but the background music is quite good. Ganesh Chandra’s cinematography is a huge asset for the film. The dialogues are decent with occasional striking elements. Saleem is an out and out director’s flick and his real talent comes up in the second half. If at all the first half carried the same energy, the film would have come up much better.


The main hero of the film is content. If that is accepted the film would be a likeable fare. However, the first half could have been much better. 


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