'Rey' Ranks Next To 'Baahubali'?

By - March 14, 2015 - 03:35 PM IST

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You are well aware that the magnum opus Baahubali has created quite a frenzy and each day is being counted as all are eager to watch it on the big screen. But now, another movie is being ranked right next to Baahubali. This is the total dance and musical entertainer Rey which has been lying in cans for nearly three years.

So, you must be wondering how both these movies got interconnected out of the blue. Well, the films are almost on par in terms of the budget for their costumes. According to reports, hero Sai Dharam and the antagonist Shraddha Das’s costumes cost a whopping Rs 2 crores for director/producer YVS Chowdary.

If looked closely, even for Baahubali also that amount of expenditure may not have happened on the hero. Anyways, this is a big talk in the industry and one thing is certain, Rey is going to prove to be a very grand visual spectacle in terms of fashion and style then. Here’s wishing YVS the best of success for all his efforts and amount put.

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