Hero Adith In Big League Of Small Films?

By - March 20, 2015 - 12:30 PM IST

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All of you are well aware that there are two segments in the cinema industry when it comes to movies. One is the big budget flicks and the other is small budget movies. You are also aware that the small budget flicks are made in higher numbers and even the number of heroes is more in this category.

Now, Tollywood has got a big league in the small budget movie wherein heroes such as Naga Shourya and Raj Tharun are in constant demand. Now, another hero is expected to join them. He is none other than Adith Arun. Apparently, he made his debut in Tollywood in the year 2009 with the movie Katha opposite the bubbly beauty Genelia.

Later on, he went to do few Tamil movies and now he is returning to Tollywood with the movie Tungabhadra. The filmnagar circles say Adith has evolved a lot as a performer and also groomed himself well. If Tungabhadra clicks they are declaring that he would begin to rub shoulders with the likes of Naga Shourya and Raj Tharun.