Thaman replaces Anirudh finally

By - March 20, 2015 - 09:51 AM IST

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When you look at the demography of Tollywood, it comprises of many influential film families that dictate the ways of the Telugu industry. One such camp is the mega camp and given the number of star heroes it has got, it must be said that they have a strong clout.

At the same time, living up to the expectations of the people is important so mega fort is quite clear about what it wants in its projects. The latest from their front is the replacement of a sensational music director with a tried and tested music director. All this is happening for the new movie starring Mega Powerstar Ram Charan.

Apparently, ‘Kolaveri Di’ fame Anirudh was roped in for the project and talk was that he was being paid a whopping 2 crores. But the latest update is that Anirudh is out and SS Thaman is brought in. Thinking that other state music directors will bring fresh touch to music is not a right thought.

Thaman can bring a lot of variety and in fact he goes to other states and composes tunes. Moreover, with a lesser remuneration he gives a much higher output. Given all these factors, the mega camp has given opportunity to our Telugu man which is a wise thought and much appreciated.