Young Hero In His Roots

By - March 19, 2015 - 08:30 PM IST

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 When you look at the members of the entertainment industry, you would notice that a sizeable part of them hail from different regions but adapt to their workplace as their home. Over the years, we have seen the likes of Simran, Khushboo, Charmme and others becoming part of south cinema.

Akin to that, one young hero who is now getting into the higher league of stars is Sundeep Kishan. Though he is Telugu, he has got his roots in Chennai as he grew up in that city for a long time. Now, he has gone to reconnect with his roots. Yes, Sundeep has gone to Chennai for a visit.

From a long time, Sundeep has the strong desire to work in Tamil movies and he is doing his best for that. He has already done the movie Yaaruda Mahesh For now, it is heard that Sundeep has gone to Chennai to catch up with his old friends and chill out a bit. But don’t be surprised if he comes back signing a film or two in Tamil.

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