Mega Prince Vs Akkineni Prince

By - March 19, 2015 - 06:38 PM IST

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When you hear the word Prince and relate it to Tollywood, you know very well that the Prince title belongs to Mahesh Babu. But now, it appears that two more princes are emerging in Tollywood. One is from the mega family and the other is from the Akkineni family.

Apparently, the mega fans are calling Varun Tej, son of mega brother Nagababu, as mega prince and Akkineni fans are calling Akkineni Akhil, son of Nagarjuna, as Akkineni prince. They say that among the young generation of handsome stars, both Varun and Akhil look the best.

While that is one side, the other discussion happening is about the competition between both the lads. Many are predicting that very soon both Varun and Akhil would be put into one category and their stamina will be put to test. We have to see who will emerge as the better prince among the two. Best of luck Varun and Akhil!

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