Tollywood Spending in Euros

By - March 20, 2015 - 09:00 PM IST

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One look at the box office graph of Tollywood and you would know that a lot has to be done in terms of cost cutting while making movies. The efforts are on in that direction but at the same time, there is also another end to it which raises eyebrows. This has to do with spending in exotic locales.

Lately, Tollywood has picked up a new trend and that is a fancy for Europe. Some of the noted big ticket flicks have been putting their schedules and spending in euros. Interestingly, even a modest budget flick like Bandipotu had a schedule in Europe.

Coming to the big ones, the likes of Baahubali, Pandaga Chesko, Kick 2 and others went to Europe. Now, Junior NTR is joining the bandwagon as his new movie would have its first schedule in the expensive city of London.

As long as the budgets are well planned, the percentage of scoring commercial success is high. Of course, not that the cine makers don’t know about it, this is just an extra effort by them to give that extravagant visual delight to the audience in the theatres.

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