S/o Satyamurthy to be trimmed?

By - March 23, 2015 - 07:37 PM IST

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Are you waiting for Allu Arjun-Trivikram’s Son of Satyamurthy? Well, you need wait for long.

Son of Satyamurthy was initially slated for a release on the 2nd of April but latest reports reveal that the movie isn’t ready for release yet. According to sources, the movie needs to be trimmed and a promotional song is yet to be shot. The first half is about 1hr 19mins and the second half is around 1hr 23mins which certainly suggests some final trimming.

Moreover, the makers have are not contended at the pace of promotions. So, keeping in view all the above factors, the producers are actually in second thoughts about the release of the film on April 2. Now, there is a buzz that the film is going to release on April 9, however, there is no official confirmation regarding this yet.

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