Swamy Ra Ra Completes 2 Years

By - March 23, 2015 - 05:39 PM IST

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“Naku Nacchina Prati Cinema Nunchi Copy Kodathanu” (I will copy from each and every film I like).

Exactly, two years back we saw these lines for the first time on the silver screen. A filmmaker publicly made this statement but proved his mettle before people take it as attitude. And the film we refer to is Swamy Ra Ra and the director is Sudheer Varma.
No fancy budgets, foreign locales, high octane action scenes, especially punch dialogues and no Brahmi. But still the film is a Sleeper hit. His engaging and sensible screenplay did the magic both on the silver and small screen as well. Swamy Ra Ra gave us many things -

A star-in-making Nikhil

An endearing hit couple like Nikhil-Swathi

A super talented director like Sudheer Varma

An exceptional composer like Sunny MR

Above all, A whiff of fresh air to the audience and the much needed courage for the filmmakers to experiment.

Today, Swamy Ra Ra completes two years of its release and the cast and crew of the film are quiet happy sharing about the special moment. While Nikhil is continuing the hit streak (with Surya vs Surya), Sudheer Varma is going to register yet another hit with a biggie like Dohchay.

We once again congratulate the whole crew of this movie and appreciate them for gifting us a trendsetter like Swamy Ra Ra.

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