Maestro Magic In 'Rudramadevi' Music

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There are many factors that play a key role for a film to be successful but the crucial component in that is music. This is the reason why directors and producers go for the best in the business. And if it is a magnum opus like Rudramadevi the expectations are naturally very high.

True to that, director/producer of the film Gunasekhar has not compromised and he brought in a stalwart. He is none other than maestro Ilayaraja and official inside news is that he has rocked with the background music and the songs. Those who saw the song in trailer didn’t get excited.

But a strategy seems to have been implemented here. Usually, the best song is kept in the trailers but the Rudramadevi team wanted to keep the expectations low so they went in with a moderate number. So, the real magic of Ilayaraja would be experienced once the audio album is out. Get ready for that!

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