Nara-Nandamuri Grandson is so cute!

By - March 24, 2015 - 12:24 PM IST

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Nara & Nandamuri families – Both belong to the elite leader clan with great political and social prominence and following in the public.

To take their legacy forward, both the families have been blessed with a successor now. We know Nara Lokesh and Brahmani have been blessed with a baby boy on the 21st of this March. This is indeed a special Ugadi for both the families and today the fans are super happy as the first glimpse of the Nara-Nandamuri scion has been out – all thanks to Brahmani Nara.

The baby is so adorable and cute that all eyes are now upon the scion. As the baby was born on the Ugadi day, predictions over the name of the baby and his future have already started. But both Nandamuri & Nara families are just enjoying the moment for now. Well, we need to keep waiting for further details, meanwhile, pour down your wishes and blessings for the baby.

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