Discussion About Deleted Scene

By - March 24, 2015 - 09:24 AM IST

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Once you complete the shooting of a film, the real game begins at the table of editing. Yes, you need to trim your product in such a way that it doesn’t lose its continuity and momentum. In that process, there are those scenes that carry nice weight but have to be deleted for various reasons.

One such scene is from the recent release Temper and the scene got leaked now. This is leading to a lot of discussion and those who saw that reveal it is about NTR and Prakash Raj catching up for drinks few months after NTR kills his brothers. The total taking of the scene is quite hilarious.

While the film’s director Puri Jagannadh may have removed for reasons best known to him, many are suggesting he should have kept that during the end credits. Whatever it may be, the final result of Temper at the box office has been quite good so the deleted scene might create a stir in Youtube with its hits.

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